Vehicle disinfection

Car Disinfection aims to kill the microscopic organisms in your car. The process will cover your car’s interior via fogging and eliminate more than 99.9% of harmful viruses, germs and bacteria. The service can be completed within 30 minutes.

The importance of vehicle disinfection

It is important to understand that the virus can remain stable on different surfaces up to three days. For example, vehicles touched by drivers, passengers and employees loading and unloading goods can be contaminated by touch or by air-to-surface transmission.

Our vehicle disinfection services will help maintain high levels of hygiene for commercial vehicles to reduce the spread of infections.

Don’t just clean your car, sanitize it!

Jaya Clean disinfection service of a commercial vehicle

Our vehicle disinfection includes

Touch-point cleaning
Internal and external – helps to prevent cross-contamination of viruses, targeting key surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, display screens, seat belts, flooring and gear sticks.

Is the quickest way to disinfect larger areas that require rapid re-entry with minimum disruption and can cover a wide range of vehicle surfaces including textiles and those that are difficult to reach using conventional cleaning methods.

The spraying of internal cabs
Using high-level disinfectant that kills pathogens with a full internal wipe down will help protect staff so they can continue to provide their vital services.