Commercial and residential disinfection

Keep your loved ones safe

We provide cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing service for F&B shops, warehouse, residential units & offices in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

  • Professional Disinfection Service includes preventive measures to create a germ-free area, as well as after a suspected or confirmed case of infection.
  • There are 3 options for customers: A/C Filters cleaning, Disinfection Wiping, Fogging.
  • Our products are proven to work against COVID-19, be kid-friendly and toxic-free.
Professional Disinfection of Kindergarten and Schools in Selangor
Professional Disinfection of Kindergarten and Schools in Selangor

The disinfection process involves a cold fogger machine to spray the water-based disinfectant into very fine mist of 10 micron size (for reference a red blood cell is 5 micron). The fine mist of disinfectant will be able to get into direct contact with most of the surfaces and area (including walls, ceiling, floors) especially the airborne viruses, hence killing the viruses.

After the disinfecting process the entire indoor area will look very “foggy” which is perfectly normal, the fine mist of disinfectant is able to airborne for at least 15 minutes to ensure all viruses in the air are being eliminated too.