Acrylic Protect Shield

Desk protective shield

The acrylic desktop protective shield, or portable sneeze guard for desk usage, is designed to act as a physical barrier to stop the spread of germs. It has been deployed in a variety of settings: from hospitals, personal desktops, and pharmacies to government agencies, banks, and grocery stores, the desktop protective shield can be used virtually anywhere. Desktop protective shields are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical qualities. These acrylic sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners.

Protective screen big size
  • This Acrylic Protective Shield Guard provides extra protection for employees and customers
  • Custom Size or Made to order is available
  • Removable, washable & easy to install
  • Ready Stock, In-House production & fast delivery
  • Creates a safety zone between customers and you or your staffs
  • Preventing the spread of virus infection
  • Suitable for SME, Clinic, Restaurant, Reception Counter, Factory, Hospital, Dining Tables, Class Table, Pharmacies
  • Product Made In Malaysia
  • Material : Acrylic
Protective Virus Shield for Counter & Desk

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