About Us

Jaya Clean is a professional disinfection company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia. We provide decontamination and infection control services for F&B outlets, shops, warehouse, residential units & offices. We have well invested in the latest cleaning technologies & training to ensure we are able to deliver cleaning and disinfection services to the highest level and at the quickest speed.

Our team is able to seal off infected areas and carry out disinfection of all surfaces and purification of the air in the room, to effectively bring any epidemic under control. Traditional methods of cleaning and sanitizing often are not as effective as they should be and not giving the time required to clean the area properly. Using only 100% non-toxic disinfectant with our ULV Fogger the chemical solution will repel each other in the air and on surfaces, the result is full complete coverage of an area because the particles of disinfectant solution will spread out which gives you the best chance of killing the germs even in the nooks and crannies for a example a light switch. These charged particles are also drawn to land on neutral or negatively charged surfaces so no chemicals will linger in the air, the area can be used within 3 hours after the treatment.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of any viral outbreaks and see it as our duty to help contain it and ultimately save lives.

Outdoor disinfection by our Jaya Clean’s Specialist

Our Vision

To fight pandemic with professional but affordable disinfection & hygiene services, providing a safe environment.

Our Mission

To provide to our customers a clean & safe environment & promote healthy living.

Our Services

Jaya Clean provides a professional disinfection service with guaranteed best price in town.

Our services include AC FILTER CLEANING, DISINFECTION CLEANING & FOGGING suitable and safe for all type of environment such schools, offices, warehouses and private homes.

Our staff is well trained and we are very careful with the products that we use, we make sure all of the premises are covered (outdoor and indoor). 


Jaya Clean Logo. Copyright - All Rights Reserved
Jaya Clean Logo. Copyright – All Rights Reserved